About RoxEbikes.com

About RoxEbikes.com

Jenny and Stan are life-long cyclists. Both worked in the Baltimore-DC area after college, but chose to return to Colorado. Stan is a native. After visiting several locations, they chose Roxborough Park with its convenient access to cycling trails in Denver and its placement near Waterton Canyon, Chatfield State Park, Roxborough State Park and the Pike National Forest. Stan has always been interested in e-bikes, so the move to a hilly area with fierce headwinds made the purchse of e-bikes a no-brainer.

Trying bicycles in a parking lot in Denver has nothing in common with riding your bicycle where you live and play. The idea to bring the bicycle to the customer only makes sense.

Photo of Jenny

Software Engineer and Cyclist

New to Colorado

Photo of Stan

Retired Physicist, Bike Mechanic

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